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PMO Partners with Lights Out Bend

Pine Mountain Observatory (PMO) is pleased to announce a partnership with Lights Out Bend (LOB), a volunteer-operated education and advocacy program, similar to that in other U.S. cities, intended to reduce the impact of artificial nighttime lighting on birds and bird migrations. LOB encourages local residents and businesses to turn off unnecessary exterior lights, especially during bird migrations, and to take other steps such as using motion sensors and lower-intensity lighting. All of these steps, as well as shielding exterior light fixtures to avoid light directed upward into the sky, also benefit astronomy and help to reduce electrical energy consumption. Central Oregon is already one of the top locations in the U.S. for astronomy (and bird watching), and by being smart about the use of exterior nighttime lighting, we can help keep it that way.

For more information:

Lights Out Bend,

International Dark-Sky Association,

Note: This partnership has been endorsed by the PMO observatory and facilities managers, but doesn’t necessarily constitute an official endorsement by the University of Oregon. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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