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We welcome you to share your images taken on the mountain! Please send them to Alton Luken, Operations Manager, Pine Mountain Observatory, ph. 541-382-8331, email

For a live view of the mountain, click below:

(If full width of weather or camera view isn’t visible below, use these links to view in a separate window.)


Historical Weather Data

Camera on Top of the Mountain

For astrophotos taken with telescopes at PMO, see:
Comets | Galaxies | Nebulas | Globular Star Clusters | Open Star Clusters | Solar System


Pine Mountain Observatory webcam on top of the mountain image

11 thoughts on “Images

  1. What’s up with the weather link? It’s stuck on Feb 22 and not updating.

    Also wonder why we lost the 2nd camera a while back?

    Main UO campus.

    1. We are aware of the weather station being offline and we are working the problem.
      The cameras at pmo are password protected due to security concerns. The pole camera will remain open to the public.

  2. Wondering about the visibility for later this week. Has the wildfire smoke cleared enough there is good visibility? Thank you.

    1. Linda,

      If the prevailing winds will cooperate there should be a improvement in transparency this coming weekend call the PMO number 541-382-8331 for a sky condition update prior to traveling to PMO

    1. Snow pack is receding however…Drifts on the last .5 miles will take another three weeks or so to make the road accessible.

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